So take cover cause I'm not the only one

I've decided that the biggest obstacle in me achieving things is the fact that starting things is the WORST. This holds true to everything I do - I don't like preparing food, because it's too much of a fuzz and it takes ages before I get to actually eat something. The critical moment in deciding to exercise is the decision, that yes, I WILL bust my butt off and actually do it. Once I get over the beginner's grudge against doing anything, I'm good to go.
And it is difficult to start writing a post once you realize you haven't written anything in months - and that it isn't the first time. I haven't counted how many posts I started with "It's been months, how did that happen?" and I don't want to, partly because that would probably be another nail in the coffin about how phlegmatic and lazy I tend to be.
I've gotten better about being lazy though. Now I just call it being dedicated to resting.
Anyway, the point was that I couldn't start another post in SC without feeling bad about silence that was before so I decided to start a new, and here we are with another bad blog name and good intentions.

Although I'm not going to apologize if I don't get better. Sometimes it's just good to start again, you know? Freshen up.

SO ! Here we are. Things have happened, days have passed, yadda yadda yadda, here's a picture spam.

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