Skin's cracking with melodies

Awesome things in life part.Idon'tknow13:

* Waking up in the morning and realizing you don't have to go aaanywhere
* Finding songs on youtube after only remembering a part of the name
* Going to Vapiano and the guy preparing your dish reaches for the furthest coke because it's the coldest (  )
* Going through your closet and realizing "heeeey I forgot I had these !" I really need a bigger closet cause there's only so much room in the front of the closet.
* Realizing working out since February has actually paid off and now you actually have a little bicep
* Spending a day with my girls sunbathing (even though I rarely do that) and after that hear that you actually have gotten a little color, as tiny as that might be
* Pomeranians. 'Nuff said.

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